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Motor Boat Selma III

Repairs to the superstructure

Since it is not so long ago that the boat received a thorough renovation, there are only a few repairs. There were a number of loose plugs in the deck, and then there was rot in a single deck plank and also the beam below just behind the front hatch.

I did not get to take any pictures of the repair, but it was a small job, the plank is only 40 cm long, and as I had saved some pieces of the old Iroko from the old wheelhouse roof, all I had to do was cut a new plank out of it and mount it with new screws. I repaired the beam by gluing in a small piece of oak with epoxy.

In addition, a piece of the inner edge of the front hatch had been broken off, which I repaired by gluing in a small piece of mahogany and sanding it.

The deck caulking were in poor shape, so I chose to caulk the entire aft deck and 4-5 joints in the foredeck. On the rest of the deck, I just filled up the cracks. I could have chosen to fill the cracks with Coelan, but I had the feeling that it probably would be easier to use the deck sealant (which I, after working with Coelan, now am 100% sure of)

All in all, the superstructure was in very good condition, pretty much everything from the last renovation has held up really well.

Ever since we bought the boat, the windows have been a sore spot. The boat originally had rectangular windows that were mounted from the inside, but they have at some point been replaced with oval windows that are somewhat narrower than the old ones. Therefore, the stainless window frames have been visible from the inside, in fact, the whole window arrangement has looked less neat. So I simply had to find a better solution before covering everything with the expensive Coelan coating.

The solution was to fit a wooden frame to the stainless steel frames so that the window hole was the same size as the inside of the stainless frames, and so that the glue joint on the outside was covered by the steel frame. It was a big job because I had to cut some of it out by hand - there was no room for the router, especially not in the aft cabin. The frames were made in two parts and glued in with epoxy from both sides. I think the result looks quite nice, invisible from the outside but reasonably nice on the inside.

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