Sitemap for Motor Boat Selma III
Motor Boat Selma III

Maintenance in the years 2015-2017

I must admit that I have neglected the maintenance here on the site, but the reasons for this are that we have concentrated on sailing in the boat and that there have been no major projects - almost only normal maintenance such as varnishing and bottom painting, but a few other things, however, has been done.

In 2015, when we were on the east coast with the boat, we had some problems with rough idling, especially after longer trips, and therefore I took the bull by the horns and installed electronic ignition. I chose a product called 123Ignition, which is a complete power distributor containing an ignition module specifically for this engine. At the same time, ignition cables and ignition coil were replaced, and the result is an engine that runs completely stably at idle, and is very easy to start. It was definitely worth the money.

Since we bought the boat, I have had plans to install a heater in it, and have also had a brand new heater lying around since 2006. But at last, in the winter of 2016-2017, I pulled myself together and installed it. It is made with two vents in the wheelhouse, 1 in the cabin and 1 in the aft cabin, all of which can be controlled individually. The heater uses the engine coolant, and I have also fitted an extra circulation pump so that we can utilize the heat of the engine even if it is not running. It has been a great success, we have used it a lot in the cold summer of 2017.

There has been a lot of varnish damage over the last few years, but now the varnish simply isn't good anymore. The wood has become very light and it is impossible to repair the varnish without dark spots, In addition, there are cracks in the varnish. There is only one thing to do; all the varnish must come off, so the boat will stay on shore in 2018.

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