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Storm-damaged boat tent

Unfortunately I did not escape - my boat tent has been blown over in the storm. I became a bit nervous when I saw the weather forecast and they started talking about atmospheric bombs and hurricanes. But I hoped that the wind direction would stay in the south or southwest because then the tent is sheltered by our house. But that did not happen.


At first, it looked promising, strong wind from the southwest with wild gusts of wind, but the tent held up, and around two in the afternoon, the worst seemed to be over. But then an hour later the wind suddenly turned to the west and rose to hurricane force with wild gusts. The tent swayed heavily, but this usually doesn't matter, and the first 15 min. held up fine. But all of a sudden I could see that one of the middle rafters

broke, and then it was over. The tent collapsed totally within a few minutes.


I managed to secure the roof tarpaulin with a rope, but that the only thing I could do. It was dangerous to get too close as long as the wind was so strong.


The day after the hurricane, I removed all the damaged wood and rescued the tarpaulin. Fortunately, there isn't any major damage on the boat, only some minor scratches, but they are repairable. The tent tarpaulin is also mostly OK, a few welds and assembly lines must be repaired, apart from that, it is intact. But 90% of the wood is destroyed, so I have to make a new set.


All in all, we were lucky - with all the iron brackets in the tent and that much wind, it could have caused a lot of damage to the boat.

Boat tent ver. 2 will be 40 cm lower, and the wood will be a little stronger, just as I change the construction of the gables so that they become stronger.

The pictures are a bit shaky, it was not easy to take pictures in the strong wind.

Here are some pictures of the wood for the new tent. As mentioned, it is 40 cm lower than the old one, and also a bit stronger. Instead of running the battens through the circular saw, I have milled the ends down with the router, so that only the piece that goes into the iron cross is thinner. In addition, I have put a piece of steel plate on top so that they fit better into the square tubes.

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