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Motor Boat Selma III

Winter 2013 - 2014

A small video from the last trip of the year

The season is over and Selma III is back in her tent behind the garage. This year we couldn't complain about the weather, but spring was nothing to write home about - it was cold from start to end.

Despite the fine weather, we have unfortunately not sailed very much this year. The summer holidays went down the drain when my wife Hanne caught the flu in the middle of it, and therefore we only had a couple of days in Nordby on Fanø at the beginning of the holidays. But that's how it can go, we'll just have to do better next year.


Another thing that has been in the way is Ribe harbor. It was at the end of the season, which means the whole of August and most of September, so overgrown with seaweed that it almost looked like a duck pond, and at the same time the water level was low, so it was practically impossible to sail. There has always been seaweed in the harbor in early August, but this year the municipality wouldn't cut it. Our sailing club offered to pay for it, but no, we could not be allowed to, they said it would raise the flow rate, so the cultural layer under the city would get too dry! Strange that this should suddenly be the case after cutting the seaweeds in late summer for several hundred years...
It obviously is not important that the harbor looks awful with old beer cans and other junk caught in the weed, and that the harbor can not be used. Amateurs!


I am so tired of Esbjerg municipality! I hope it is the worst municipality in Denmark, because if there is anyone who is worse, it looks really bad. Incompetence and inefficiency!!

Rant over. The consequence will be that we will move the boat to the east coast next year, probably to Kolding. We'll try it a single season, then we'll see if we want to stay there or come back.


The boat has worked fine all season, but the seawater pump is now after 60 years totally worn out. The pump housing has become too large for the impeller, so there is no way around it, a new pump is needed. But it has been the only problem, everything else has worked as intended.

I need to fix the sliding windows this year so that I do not have to repair the varnish under them every single year. I still don't know exactly how I'm going to make it, but I'll have to find out soon.

All the exterior woodwork will get a few coats of varnish this year. All the exterior equipment has to come off so I can varnish the parts in the garage here during the winter months.

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