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Repair of the fender moldings

The lower fender moldings have been a sore spot for a long time. I skipped them at the renovation, but they are in dire need of repair. In the starboard side, both ends are rotten, in the port side, the front end is cracked.

I was actually going to replace them, but I have changed my mind and decided to repair them instead - there is no reason to replace something that can be repaired. I would like them varnished instead of painted - it looks much nicer.


I have removed the paint and as I expected, the oak wood is very dark. I hope it gets a little lighter when it gets sanded, otherwise, I'll have to try to bleach the old wood with hydrogen peroxide. The new pieces of wood are very light, so I'll have to darken them with ammonia. I hope I can make it match fairly well. The colors will even out over time when the wood gets exposed to sunlight.


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