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It's December 1st and it's time to update the website. The boat is out of the water, but the tent isn't up yet - I have been busy, I'm in the process of major kitchen renovation in our house.

It's been a really bad summer and we didn't get to sail much beyond the back and forth of the creek. We had a single weekend trip to Nordby on Fanø, a trip out to receive the schooner Fulton on its visit to the Wadden Sea and a trip with participants from the Red Barnet - it is a permanent tradition that we sponsor boats and skippers for a Wadden Sea trip where the profits goes to help the organization work.

And then there was the holiday! We had chosen to sail up to Ringkøbing Fjord, where we intended to visit all ports. But that didn't happen - it was a miserable holiday, we spent most of our time sitting in the boat, it was very windy and raining all the time, and we only managed to visit Bork, Ringkøbing and Hvidesande. So after a week, we chose to sail home.

But the boat has worked perfectly without problems. The old Volvo engine has run flawlessly all season with a consumption of 5 liters of petrol per hour. The only thing that has been a bit annoying is the tendency for resonance from the new propeller.

But all in all, we have sailed 460 nautical miles, 190 during the holidays and a large part of the rest between Ribe and Kammerslusen - when the weather is bad, we just sail on the river.

Unfortunately, not many photos have been made this year - there has been nothing to photograph.

Fulton på besøg i Vadehavet Selma III under sejlads Møde i Vadehavet Modtagelse af Fulton Blåvand fyr set fra vest på vej hjem fra ferie Hjemtur fra Hvidesande i dejligt vejr Selma III i Hvidesande Tidsfordriv i regnvejr Selma III i Ringkøbing Selma III i Bork Havn Klar til afgang på ferie, taget oppe fra slusen Ved bådpladsen i Ribe havn Klar til søsætning
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