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Motor Boat Selma III

A wet winter 2006 - 2007

When we took over the boat at the beginning of November 2006, it was put directly into the water in Ribe. The idea was that, if the weather didn't get too bad, we would sail in it a bit during the winter, and first take it ashore in early spring.

But the weather gods wanted it different, it was pouring down with rain pretty much all the time and there was so much water in the creek that it was impossible to sail under the ring road bridge. Therefore, at the beginning of December, we picked up the boat at the boat dock in Ribe.


Selma III in water at the boat dock
Selma III in water at the boat dock
But with that, the problems were not over, as it continued to rain, and in addition, it stormed much of the time. For a while, I was down by the boat every night because it was storming, and the creek had gone so far over its banks that it was close to the boat flowing off the bucks (the water was at some point higher than the picture on the right). It was nerve-wracking!
But it got better, and when spring finally came, it got so hot and dry that the boat was about to fall apart - it was as dry as a biscuit.


But I did get a few things done, the boat didn't get into the water before in June, and despite the drought, there was only a microscopic leak, and it completely closed itself after approx. 30 minutes.


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