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Motor Boat Selma III

Varnish repairs and more varnish

After a long winter, I have now in early March started with the preparation of the boat. I haven't worked on the boat this winter, much of the time it has been too cold, even in the garage, and the rest of the time I have been busy with work.


But now I have inspected the whole superstructure, and there are only a few spots that needs to be repaired. Below the sliding windows in the wheelhouse there is a brass rail, and where the brass meets the wood, water has gotten in under the varnish. I saw it already last summer, so I knew I had to fix it. I have cleaned the joint, so now it just needs to have some epoxy.


Apart from the windows, there is only a single spot on the side deck on the starboard side - a plug that has not held completely tight, and a small spot on top of the bow. It is only minor things, I am more than happy with the durability.


I need to build up 6 coats of varnish on the places that have been repaired, and then the whole superstructure must have 4-5 coats. I have removed almost all fittings and windows - it is easier and more durable.

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