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Projects for the winter 2010 - 2011

Afslapning ved ankerbøjen udenfor Ribe Kammersluse

It has been really nice to sail in the boat this summer, but now that we are in the middle of September, I am starting to think about getting the boat out of the water.

So I have to plan the winter's tasks, and there are a few things that have first priority, namely renovation of the propeller shaft and the stern tube bearing, and more varnish on the superstructure. Other than that, there will not be any big projects this year.


December 3, 2010
Now it's winter again and it's very cold! The boat came up a month ago and is now back in the tent. I have slowly started on the cupboard doors, but I'm not getting much done when it is so cold.

So today the DFÆL magazine (a Danish wooden boat magazine) appeared, and as usual, I was reading it with great pleasure and enjoying the old boats, when suddenly on page 25 a picture of Selma III appeared. It made me so happy - the old lady is the motorboat of the month! It's really nice to get such a pat on the back, it makes me want to continue the work, and I have to admit that nothing that could spoil my day after that experience. Thank you so much for the nice words!


Klar til søsætning
May 26, 2011:
The boat was launched on May 9, and there were no major leaks. Now after two weeks, there is only a very small leak in the stern. Also, the hull above the waterline, which had suffered from the warm dry weather, is about to be in place. I have not done much this winter - I think I have had an overdose of boat renovations in the last 3 years, so the desire has not really been there. But I'll just do something more next year, it's no worse than that. It will be nice to have a whole season this time.


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