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New Dorade boxes

En færdig doradeventil

One of the bronze tops for the vents on the ruffs is missing, but instead of replacing the vent, I'll remove the top from the other vent and put a Dorade box on top of it. In my opinion, this type of vent is among the most beautiful equipment on an older boat, and besides, they are very effective.


I already have the vents, so I just have to make new boxes. I'll leave the bottom of the old vent in place, and make a box out of mahogany in a way that the air inlet will sit lower than the top of the old vent. I could have just bought a couple of Dorade boxes made of teak, but I do not think they are particularly pretty - very angular and too tall.


The old vents are 55 mm tall, so I'll glue two pieces of 25 mm mahogany together and finish with a round top at one end. Take a look at the pictures.
Ny doradeboks af 3 stykker træ
Her ses de 3 stykker træ

Now all that is left is to saturate the boxes with oil and then give them some varnish.


De tre stykker mahogni limes sammen Færdig doradeboks #1 Færdig doradeboks #2 Færdig doradeboks #3 Færdig doradeboks #4 Færdig doradeboks med doradeventil #1
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