Sitemap for Motor Boat Selma III
Motor Boat Selma III

Engine and driveline

I haven't done any major renovation tasks on the engine this year, only the necessary replacements and oil change. We will use it as it is in the 2007 season and then we'll see how it goes.

Circulation pump
It was imperative to replace the water pump on the engine, the bearings and gaskets were completely worn out. It was no problem to get a new one, the company CVI Automotive in Sweden has everything for these engines. However, I had to move the pulley over from the old pump, because the new one was made for a narrower belt. The price of the pump was 1200 Swedish kroner incl. freight.


Seawater pump
The original seawater pump is a Jabsco, so spare parts are still available. It was leaking so I replaced the seal and the impeller.


New vibration dampers

Vibration dampers & flex clutch
In 1953, when the boat was built, the noise level was seemingly not something that was considered important - the engine was just bolted directly to the foundation, which makes a horrible noise and sends a lot of vibration through the hull, so I bought 4 Vetus K70 vibration dampers and a flex clutch for the propeller shaft.

The mounting was fairly easy, the motor was attached to 2 transverse brackets, so I just made 2 new ones that fit the dampers. I was able to lift the engine alternately at the ends with a jack and mount the new brackets without any problems. It was necessary to move the engine 25 mm forward to make room for the flex clutch, but that went fine too. Furthermore, it was necessary to change the attachment of the generator, as it was previously clamped to the motor foundation. I made a new bracket to attach it to the engine itself.

It has really improved the comfort in the boat. Although not much has been done about the noise isolation of the engine compartment, the noise level is now quite comfortable.


Engine remote control for gear and throttle
The BB43 engine is equipped with an old-fashioned planetary gearbox with an external reduction gear. When we bought the boat, it was equipped with a 1.5-meter long gear stick that was attached in the bottom of the boat. It worked fine, but along with the tiny gas control, it was not the most comfortable way to maneuver the boat. So I decided to install engine remote control and was lucky enough to find a used two-handed grip for DKK 1000. I just have to turn some teak handles to the grips, they are factory fitted with ugly plastic grips that do not fit the boat.

The old dashboard with the long gear stick in the floor


The new dashboard and engine remote control

It has made the maneuvering much more comfortable, even if it is not exactly a "lady gearbox" - it is old-fashioned coarse mechanics, so muscle force is needed in order to use the gear.

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