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The boat was launched in early July, and after being on the hard in the extremely dry summer of 2018, the boat was very dry. I had caulked it to the best of my ability, and also watered it for a long time, but it was very leaky when it got in the water. We were pumping more than 100 liters of water out per minute for a while. I had to spend 3 nights in the boat before it was so waterproof that I dared to leave it unattended, and it took almost 2 weeks before it was completely watertight.

We had planned to spend our holidays on Fanø, and when we finally left Ribe, we came only 200 meters outside the lock, then the engine stopped. I immediately knew that it was water in the petrol, and we managed to get it to run so much that we could hump into the harbor again. It is difficult to clean the fuel system with a holiday-packed boat and the wife in the boat, so we decided to spend the holiday at Ribe Kammersluse instead of sailing to Fanø. It turned out to be a good idea, because during that day, the wind rose and we had strong winds for more than a week. It was however very hot and sunny, so we enjoyed the holiday in our home port.

I subsequently cleaned the tank, and it turned out that there were several liters of water in it. The engine then ran perfectly for the rest of the season, and we also managed a trip to Fanø and also some really nice trips on the Wadden Sea.

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